Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Workplace Facial Screening Is A Bad Idea

ARTIFICIAL intelligence has been on the rise in workplaces for at least the past decade. From consumer algorithms to quantum computing, AI’s uses have grown in type and scope. One of the more recent advances in AI technologies is the ..

A COVID-19 Vaccine Doesn’t 
Exist Yet, But Already 
People Don’t Trust It

THE US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled plans to start handing out COVID-19 vaccines for free within a day of government approval. This could happen this year, though more likely in the next. In other times, this ..

In Bangkok, Protests Again Take Aim At The Monarchy

OVER the weekend, tens of thousands of people turned out in central Bangkok to press demands for far-reaching political reforms. Gathering under leaden skies, demonstrators cheered calls for the resignation of Prime Minister ..