Monday, July 13, 2020
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Beijing’s Crackdown On Hong Kong Is Dangerous For The World

WHEN China imposed a draconian new security law on Hong Kong last week, I grabbed my phone to call some young pro-democracy activists I’d met there in November. Then I put the phone down because I realised that the old Hong Kong, where ..

Why Florida’s Governor Hides COVID-19 Data

FIGHTING COVID-19 has been hard enough, but fighting the state for a straight answer on numbers to gauge the past and current spike of new cases has been utterly exhausting. Floridians deserve better. The latest battle is getting ..

Rise In Racial Bias Across America

MY son, who is nearly 17 years old and Black, is afraid to go outside. “Mom, I am a Black guy wearing a mask in Oakland,” he told me. “I am going to be killed.” Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, my 19-year-old daughter was afraid to ride the ..