Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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China ignores 50th anniversary of Cultural Revolution

AFP BEIJING OFFICIAL Chinese media stayed largely silent about Monday's 50th anniversary of the start of the bloody Cultural Revolution, with discussion of the tumultuous decade still controlled on the mainland. May 16 ..

Cannes film spotlights Chad's 'torture chambers'

AFP FRANCE THERE is a heart-stopping moment in a new documentary about the survivors of Chadian dictator Hissene Habre's torture chambers, when one of the torturers kneels down in front of his victim and begs for forgiveness. "I ..

Nigeria reaches out to union leaders to avert national strike

AFP LAGOS NIGERIA'S government was Monday meeting union leaders to try to prevent a planned national strike over a 67 percent hike in the price of petrol, the labour ministry said. Ministry spokesman Samuel Olowookere told AFP ..

AFP DAKAR A FIRST round of Senegal-Gambia talks to end a three-month border blockade has ended without agreement amid an impasse over a long-delayed bridge project, a senior advisor to Senegal's foreign minister said on ..

AFP GENEVA THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION on Monday released its first-ever guidelines on how medical professionals should treat victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), hoping to ease the terrible suffering caused by the ..

Kampala UGANDAN opposition leader Kizza Besigye was transferred to a high security prison in the capital Kampala on Monday after being charged with treason, court officials said. Besigye disputed President Yoweri ..

Niamey MORE THAN nine million people in the Lake Chad region are in desperate need of food aid as the violent insurgency being waged there by Boko Haram rages, the UN said on Monday. Half of the region's residents are ..

Tokyo AN EARTHQUAKE shook buildings in the Japanese capital Tokyo and other areas on Monday but no damage or injuries were immediately reported. The quake struck at 9:23 pm (1223 GMT) in Ibaraki 41 kilometres (25 miles) northeast of ..

AFP SEOUL SOUTH KOREA, Japan and the United States will hold their first anti-missile drills together next month to guard against threats from nuclear-armed North Korea, a Seoul official said Monday. The drill will be held in the ..

AFP JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICAN university authorities said on Monday that the firebombing of an auditorium in Johannesburg was part of an"organised set of attacks" targeting educational institutions. The overnight arson ..