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Qatar sets minimum wage for workers

Qatar sets minimum wage for  workers

Qatar has set a temporary minimum wage for migrant workers worth around $200 a month, Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs HE Dr Issa bin Saad al Jafali al Nuaimi said on Thursday.
"Temporary minimum wage of QR750 ($195, 166 euro) per month will immediately come into effect," Nuaimi told AFP.
The minister said officials are working on setting a permanent rate.
In addition to the new salary, labourers will receive free accommodation, food and healthcare plans, covered by employers, he said.
Introducing a minimum wage was among a package of major labour changes announced last month by Qatar.
Officials said the QR750 figure could increase after a review.
"We will not approve any employment contract if the salary is below QR750 per month. All contracts must now be approved by the ministry (of labour)," Nuaimi said.
"If any change is made to the contract, we will apply the new procedures," he said, adding that the new wage limit had been enforced for the past month.
Qatar has been spending $500 million a week on the projects for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
Among other key reforms on the books are a requirement to lodge job contracts with the government, preventing changes to contract terms after the arrival of workers in Qatar, and ending the right of employers to stop staff from leaving the country or changing jobs.
Unions and rights groups have also backed the changes.
Nuaimi said,"Qatar's pledge does not end here. This is a long-term commitment and we will make further improvements."
He added that migrant workers were"part and parcel" of Qatar.
"All these are not promises but real facts because we are convinced that is what we should implement. It's not just promises."
Mustafa Qadri, executive director of Equidem, a human rights research organisation, called the minimum wage"an important step".

  • Fred Nov 24, 2017

    If the min wages for all immigrants

  • Mohammed jafar ahmed Nov 19, 2017

    Sir security guards salary very less in Qatar like basic salary 600qr guards are in trouble. Sir try to increase security guards basic salary.

  • Ujjal basnet Nov 19, 2017

    Our company salary basic is just Qr 500 will company will increase the basic

  • Namanya Fred Nov 20, 2017

    Riley increase on salary for security

  • Hussein Mohammed Jan 18, 2018

    Qatar should do something about security guards basic salary and living conditions

  • Hussein Mohammed Jan 18, 2018

    Ministry of labor should enforce law and effectiveness on minimum wages of all jobs and living conditions of employees

  • Kofi Aug 05, 2018

    Please i will like the GV. should call on this company why the administration refuse to give their workers Airline tickets for vacation and they tell the workers to buy their tickets before they go for vacation. Please sir i think this company is disgracing the name of this beautiful country And the name of this company is HLG but now called Lighting contracting please the GV. should help this workers from this wicked administration thank you.

  • Collins mujuni Aug 06, 2018

    To me this basic salary qr 75o it has commenced for two years now, I wish and Ipray that it should be increased compared to other gulf countries its very low. More futher Ithink even it's no longer temporalily. Thank you

  • santosh May 22, 2018

    sir qatar security guard basic salary is only 600 its will be increase?

  • Ibra May 23, 2018

    J don't think G4s will do any changes because workers conditions in facility are not promising at all, please help us they pay 900 bt there are some deductions on that money

  • Aurora Feb 03, 2018

    Companies even in private sectors must increase the salary. Regardless of nationalities and race there must be a standard salary for all. Basic commodities and transpo are all getting expensive. We need to catch up as an expat. Forever Qatar

  • Ajit jadhav Mar 23, 2018

    Our company limousine taxi they give all driver's basic salary Q.R .300 only

  • isah Jul 16, 2018

    i need a job in qatar

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    What is the fresher salary in qatar?