Saturday, July 11, 2020
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At UN, Qatar raises violations against Palestinian, Syrian kids

New York
Addressing a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting on"Children and Armed Conflict', Qatar expressed its"deep concern" over the violations suffered by children in the occupied Palestinian territories and Syria.
The country sought the international community's"decisive engagement" in achieving a just and lasting solution to conflicts like this in which children pay a heavy price.
In her statement to the UNSC, Qatar's Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador HE Sheikha Alia Ahmed bin Saif al Thani reiterated the country's commitment to ensure education to children living in conflict zones around the world.
This keenness, she said, was embodied in the establishment of"Education Above All Foundation" and other such initiatives. Through them, she said, Qatar helps millions of children around the world have access to quality educational services.
"Education has positive effects on the development of children on a sound basis away from violence and extremism," the envoy said, expressing belief that it was important to deal with the root causes of violent extremism and associated armed conflicts.
Sheikha Alia pointed out that the Security Council's continued consideration of this issue over the past years reflected the commitment of the international community to provide protection for children.
She stressed that the fulfilment of the obligations imposed by the international humanitarian laws on the conflict parties to protect civilians during armed conflicts was an important factor in the protection of civilians, especially children who suffer the most in these conflicts.
The ambassador pointed out that during the current armed conflicts, violent extremist groups were not paying attention to any obligations towards international humanitarian laws and were committing grave violations against children without hesitation or fear. She cited the UN Secretary-General's report, which said 6,800 violations against children in 10 countries affected by armed conflict have been perpetrated by violent extremist groups.
In 2016, Qatar, in cooperation with the president of the General Assembly at its 70th session, initiated a high-level discussion on the protection of children and youths affected by violent extremism, the envoy said, pointing out that this discussion came out with important conclusions and recommendations on how to move forward regarding this issue.
On September 18, 2017, Qatar signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and Silatech foundation in Qatar to enhance the employability of young people in the Arab and Islamic region as part of building their capacities and launching projects to prevent them from violent extremism, she said in a statement addressing the UNSC.
"As part of our commitment to protecting the right to education in emergencies, my country was one of the first countries to ratify the Oslo Safe Schools Declaration," Sheikha Alia said.
She also commended the framework for action of the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack, which provides suggestions, examples and practices to benefit countries in implementing their obligations by declaring safe schools. The envoy concluded the statement by stressing that Qatar would spare no effort to support international efforts to protect children in all circumstances.