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Nigerian returns QR1.5m to bank

Victor Ikoli
A NIGERIAN expatriate in Qatar became a millionaire for several hours after a bank mistakenly deposited more than QR1.5 million ($411,127.99) into his account recently.
The man, Michael Asemota, had opened an account with a cheque of QR150,200 with an undisclosed commercial bank, where he is the sole signatory of the account.
As he got back home, he received an alert showing that a QR1,502,000 had been credited into his account by mistake instead of QR150,200.
Asemota went back to the bank and returned the money.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Asemota said,"After opening the account with the bank, I checked my balance to make withdrawals for a supply job and found the huge sum. I was amazed and decided to contact the bank.
He said,"I went to see the manager to report the error of QR1,502,000 deposited into my account. After checking for confirmation, the manager gave me a warm handshake in appreciation."
Asked why he alerted the bank about the error, Asemota said,"I knew the money did not belong to me and shouldn't be in my account in the first place, so there were no motives and temptations to keep it."
The Nigerian added that if people are faced with similar situations"they should immediately notify their bank to avoid any potential problems. While it may not be noticed for a few days or weeks, eventually the bank will trace their mistake back to your account and withdraw the mistakenly deposited money."
Asemota is an official of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-Qatar (NIDO-Qatar), the umbrella body of Nigerian residents in the country.


  • Prince Izzy Aug 19, 2017

    Michael Teddy Asemota you have done well you have made us your friends proud as dignity has always been our watch word. May your days be long and you reap the fruit and reward of your truthful and sincere nature. Paragon '97 celebrates you our one and only barjesus

  • joe Aug 24, 2017

    Dear Mr Asemota. You have proven to the world that real Nigerians are men and women of honor and integrity, contrary to widely spread impressions. As such we the members of the Nigerian Youths For Leadership group wish to inform you of our dicision to make you a role model. We assure you of our unflinching support should you deem it fit to contest for any elective position.. We shall recommend you to the President for honors.. For more info about is:

  • Fabian Aug 24, 2017

    Thank you Mr Michael for been a good Nigerian over there. You have earned for yourself a good name which is better than riches. God bless you.

  • Olubunmi Adebiyi Aug 19, 2017

    This is what Nigerians are know for. Integrity commitment and faithfulness. Asemota you did really great. Let this serves a lesson to all mankind, covet not which is not yours. God bless Nigeria, God bless Qatar.

  • Esther Jonathan Asemota Aug 21, 2017

    You did the right thing. God will bless did not put the bank in commotion before tracing it into your account. You make us proud(ASEMOTAS), and Nigeria generally.

  • Martins Osakue Aug 21, 2017

    I am proud of you. Keep our light shining BRIGHT

  • Osagioduwa idemudia Aug 22, 2017

    Don Teddy, as fondly called by your friends. You are truly a paragon of Virtue. I am proud to call you my friend as the lesson taught us years ago have truly been in your DNA. Paragron Comprehensive college, Benin city, Edo state Alumi. Wish you well.

  • Pastor Ben Onyekonwu Aug 23, 2017

    Mr. Asemota you are indeed a true Nigerian. Today, your name has been made indelible for good you have done in a foreign land. God has also opened a book of remembrance for you as you will forever be indelible in his sight. I celebrate you.