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Online appointment system for verification of job contracts of Filipinos from July 30

Ailyn Agonia
Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) has announced the implementation of an online appointment system for Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) for verification of their employment contracts.
The new system, which takes effect on July 30 through POLO's official website (, aims to avoid overcrowding of POLO's processing area with ensuring efficient process and service delivery to OFWs.
The latest initiative by POLO Doha office is different from the Balik-Manggagawa or BM Online System for vacationing OFWs who register for issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs).
According to Philippine Labour Attache to Qatar David Des Dicang, the first-of-its-kind initiative in the Middle East is being implemented in view of the unusual surge in the number of clients POLO received last month for verification of employment contracts.
"The verification of employment contract is one of the prerequisites for applying for the OEC, which is used by OFWs for various purposes such as applying for loan in the Philippines (Social Security System, Pag-Ibig or bank). Usually, we get about 30 clients for this specific service. However, since early last month we noticed an unusual surge in the number of OFWs requesting for the service. We received around 200 clients last month. This is in addition to the number of OFWs seeking online appointment for issuance of OECs. So, we experienced overcrowding and long queues. The new appointment system is expected to be convenient for both the applicants and the POLO staff, and OFWs can save their time by booking appointment with us," Dicang told the media.
He said that clients seeking verification of employment contracts will have to visit the POLO website starting July 23 one week prior to the system comes into effect. He urged all OFWs including household services workers to create an email address since confirmation of the appointment will be sent via email.
The new online system is simple and easy to use. According to the guidelines issued by POLO, applicants need to visit the POLO website and click on 'Services' option, then 'Appointment Booking', fill up the electronic application form and select date and time for appointment with POLO. Applicants should take a print out of the email confirmation of appointment and bring it on the assigned date and time, with other specified documents,to the POLO office located on the 20th floor of Al Jazeera Tower in West Bay. Fee for verification of contract is QR40.


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