Monday, August 2, 2021
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Katara honours Qur'an memorisation participants

Tribune News Network
The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) held a ceremony to honour the participants in the sixth Qur'an memorisation session.
Katara presented certificates of participation to the participants in different categories and age groups.
The participants' parents thanked Katara for its role in organising religious activities, cultural programmes and Qur'anic courses, which aim to connect children and youth with the book of God through memorisation, recitation and understanding meanings in order to apply them in real life experience.
Sheikh Mohammed Makki, Imam and preacher at Katara mosque and supervisor of Qur'an memorisation workshops, said:"The sixth Katara Qur'an memorisation session has witnessed a keen competition among children. The session was characterised by a programme full of recitation of the Qur'an and how to improve its study.
"The course contributed to instilling the love of the Qur'an in the hearts of young people and preparing a distinctive Qur'an-loving generation who relate with the book of God to recite, memorise and apply it in their daily lives.
On his part, Sheikh Abdul-Karim al Husali, one of the supervisors of Qur'an memorisation workshops, said the Qur'an memorisation session has seen a great demand from students and their parents, pointing out that the sessions have recorded many achievements.
Meanwhile, religious lectures organised as part of the Holy Month of Ramadan activities continue at Katara mosque. The lectures are being delivered by prominent scientists and preachers in Qatar.
Sheikh Dr Ayesh al Qahtani delivered one of the lectures on 'The Night of Majesty (Laelatul Qadr), its virtues and rewords, pointing out that the blessed night is the best of all nights.
"Laelatul Qadr is a night of worship singled out by God Almighty from all nights to be better than the worship of a thousand months," he said.
The scholar stressed the importance of taking advantage of the rest of days of the Holy Month of Ramadan in obedience and the reading of the Qur'an, and not wasting time, noting that Ramadan is a precious moment to regain what has been missed in piety and obedience to Allah.