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Venus to appear at greatest elongation with sun on June 3

Tribune News Network
The third brightest luminary 'Venus planet' will be at western greatest elongation with the sun on Saturday June 3, 2017, when it will arrive at outmost point of the sun by 46 degrees western sun's centre, according to a statement by Dr Beshir Marzouk, astronomy expert at Qatar Calendar House.
This phenomenon is very important because it is the best time to observe Venus at its highest point over Doha sky.
Qatar and Arab countries residents will not need astronomical telescopes to see the Venus at the greatest elongation point.
On the day, Qatar residents can see Venus after its rising time over Doha sky at 2:12am until sunrise time at 4:43am Doha local time.
It is noteworthy that Venus reached the eastern greatest elongation over Doha sky this year on Thursday, January 12.
The elongation is the angle between planets and the sun as seen from the earth. When a planet is at the greatest elongation (east or west), it means planet is at the furthest distance from the sun.
The value of maximum elongation angle (east or west) for Venus varies between 45'b0 and 47'b0; when the orbit of the planet is elliptical rather than perfect circles.
It is worth mentioning that astronomers call Venus morning and evening star as it is the first luminary that can be seen after sunset when it is over western horizon and it is the last luminary that can be seen before sunrise when it is over eastern horizon.
Besides, the planet Venus is one of just two planets that rotate from east to west around its axis.