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Katara's Ramadan Festival to highlight Islamic tradition, custom in 12 nations

Tribune News Network
The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) is gearing up to host the Katara Ramadan Festival, which will offer an array of amazing activities and events under the theme 'Hospitality in various Muslim nations'.
Katara Ramadan Festival 2017 will focus on 12 Arab and Islamic countries, showcasing their traditions and customs specific to the Holy Month of Ramadan, Katara has announced at a press conference on Tuesday.
The conference was addressed by Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti and Chairman of the Ramadan Festival Committee Khalid Ibrahim al Sayed.
Dr Sulaiti said,"This year, Katara Ramadan Festival intends to highlight Muslim traditions in 12 Arab and Islamic countries with the aim to open windows to new civilizations and traditions.
The scheduled events consist of lectures, competitions, exhibitions and workshops and other activities."
He added,"Stemming from Katara's keenness to build communication bridges between people from all walks of life and to spread religious spirit among the community, organisers of the festival have made provisions for 31 events, all of them connected or related to the Ramadan theme.
"These events include seminars, Islamic lectures, exhibitions, traditional games, beach sports and children games. Islamic lectures and seminars are organised in cooperation with Raf foundation, Qatar Charity and the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs."
Another event that will be held due to popular demand is the Holy Quran memorisation competitions. The event will be organised for children with the aim to encourage and promote spirituality and strengthen the religious values among them.
As in the previous year, Katara's mosque will host Tarawih prayer followed by Islamic gatherings and lessons each day.
Katara's beach front will come alive with beach volleyball and football matches that are scheduled to take place in the evenings. A new addition to the festival will be traditional games, which are divided into two categories; brain-teasers and fun games.
Registration for the traditional games had started on Monday, May 22.
Besides the games, cultural and fine art tents will be set up at Katara's Southern area and will include several rich cultural lectures presented by a number of prominent Qatari intellectuals and various workshops.
Katara's visitors are guaranteed a traditional Ramadan-like ambiance as the iftar cannon will be installed at Katara's southern area and fired daily at Maghrib prayer.
Two characters, the Mesaharati and the story teller, will be roaming around Katara's premises to entertain the public. Katara will also bring back the popular treasure hunt contest during the holy month, which will be conducted at Katara's premises and Meerat Ramadan.
Meanwhile, the ongoing Meerat Ramadan market, being held at Katara's southern area, has become increasingly popular with the visitors as it offers provisions from renowned food and beverage suppliers in Qatar, such as Al Meera, Baladna Livestock production, Widam Food, as well as 35 other outlets.
The produce and food items on offer are priced in a way that enables Katara's visitors to meet their grocery requirements at a low cost during the month of Ramadan. The market also offers a wide array of fresh produce and cupboard staples that are usually in large demand during the holy month.