Sunday, October 25, 2020
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NCECS & QU's 1st youth forum to facilitate dialogue

THE National Committee for Education, Culture and Science (NCECS), in cooperation with Qatar University (QU), will organise the first youth forum on the role of society and the private sector in the development of the State of Qatar entitled 'Education and Heritage'.
Secretary-General of the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science Dr Hamda al Sulaiti considers the forum as an opportunity to facilitate meaningful dialogue, exchange of ideas, information, experiences as well as research results among young people and keep them abreast of the latest developments in many related fields.
In a press statement, Dr Sulaiti said that the forum is part of the state's efforts to build a young generation with knowledge, abilities and skills that qualify it to deal with the developments of this era and to keep abreast of the huge scientific and technological innovations as well as to meet the requirements of the society and its aspirations towards progress and prosperity and to achieve the desired connectivity between education and sustainable development which is derived from Qatar National Vision 2030.
She added that the forum will discuss a number of projects presented by QU's students on heritage, humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and medical sciences, as well as the relationship between identity and culture. She also noted that students from Qatari schools affiliated to the UNESCO will participate in an accompanying exhibition to present their activities and achievements in the dialogue of cultures.
Dr Sulaiti also called on all those interested and researchers in the mentioned issues to attend the forum and participate in discussions and deliberations that will be managed by young people.