Monday, August 2, 2021
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QC helps 15,000 people in Mosul

Tribune News Network
QATAR Charity (QC) continues to provide urgent relief in terms of food and medicine for the affected population of Mosul that has so far benefited 15,000 people since the crisis began there.
Director of Relief Department in QC Mohammed al Kaabi said,"Extending aid to the people of Iraq, which started a long time ago, continues. QC is providing relief materials to thousands of families in Mosul. QC has distributed food baskets including: rice, sugar, edible oil, tea, lentils, tomato paste, beans, canned cheese and milk for children."
Moreover, the emergency humanitarian relief included medical supplies such as aspirins, paracetamol, paediatric drugs, dressings, sterilisers and other medicines to the hospitals in the city that face severe shortage of medical supplies.
Kaabi added,"The humanitarian crisis in Iraq is one of the most serious crises globally, especially due to the military operations in Mosul which have resulted in record numbers of displaced people. More than 10 million Iraqi citizens, one third of the population of Iraq, currently need humanitarian aid as more than 4 million Iraqis have been displaced after the expansion of the fighting since the beginning of the crisis in 2014. Around 3.3 million still have no place to live in. Further, the serious crisis in Mosul has forced over 700,000 people to flee from Mosul and the surrounding villages."
It is noteworthy that QC carried out a project for building a camp consisting of 1,000 equipped tents in addition to health facilities for the displaced people. QC also launched 'Help people in Mosul' campaign to aid the displaced people.
The QC aims at constantly helping Iraqis to overcome the conditions they are going through, alleviate their terrible suffering, and provide them with the necessary supplies.