Monday, August 2, 2021
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GCC: Calm approach towards Trump govt

Malek Helali
WITH a couple of months into Donald Trump's taking oath as the 45th President of the United States of America, more chaos than stability has prevailed over the Oval Office.
There have been controversial statements and policy misfires already which has made many traditional allies 'uncomfortable' with European Union in particular considering this approach as a 'threat to global stability'. But, the GCC region has displayed a much calmer approach towards the new US administration.
Dr Darwish al Emadi, the Chief of Strategy and Development at Qatar University (QU), told Qatar Tribune recently that the outcome of the US elections was quite expected.
"It was a time for change for many Americans after two successive terms of Democratic Party rule at the White House. Their candidate Hillary Clinton was not convincing enough in her campaign. In reality, Trump was the lesser of the two evils," said Dr Emadi.
According to Dr Emadi, the region is unlikely to witness any substantial policy changes on the United States' part as the powers of the executive branch are relatively limited and significantly influenced by the extensive powers of the Congress.
"I think we should focus on developing our educational system and analysing our options to take our country to the next level. The GCC nations have to think strategically, and not emotionally. We better capitalise on some of Trump's controversial 'attitude' and use them for our own benefit," he commented.
Robert Hager, president of AmCham Qatar, recently said that Qatar was well positioned for the Trump administration."This administration knows Doha very well. US President Donald Trump himself visited Doha and toured The Pearl-Qatar a few years ago. Several members of the Trump Cabinet have been to Qatar before as well," Hager added.