Friday, May 20, 2022
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5 killed in Israeli missile attack in central Syria

Five people were killed in central Syria after a missile attack carried out by Israel late on Friday, Syrian state media reported.
Syria’s official news agency SANA, citing a military source, said “at around 8:20 pm on Friday evening, the Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with rockets from the direction of the Mediterranean, west of Banias, targeting points in the central region,” at around 8:20 pm (1820 GMT).
The attack resulted in the death of five people, including one civilian, it added. Seven others were wounded
including a child.
Several fires also broke out in the forests of Masyaf, near Hama, due to the attack.
SANA said Syrian air defences had shot down most of the missiles.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors violence in Syria, said Israeli aircraft fired at least eight missiles that struck arms depots and military posts belonging to Iranian militias in the Masyaf region.
The war monitor said four soldiers, whose nationalities were not known yet, were killed in the strike while seven others were wounded.
The war monitor said this was the twelfth Israeli attack on Syrian territory since the beginning of 2022.
Israeli strikes in Syria are seen as an attempt to prevent Iran, one of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s main allies, from building up its military influence in the region.
There was no immediate comment from Israel on
the attack.