Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Al Mannai responds to QSE about high trading of shares

The management of the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) addressed the Al Mannai Corporation with regard to the increase in trading volume for the company’s shares from January 20 to January 23, 2022.
In a statement, QSE indicated that Al Mannai Corporation confirmed its inability to confirm the real reason that led to the high trading volume on its shares during that period.
The corporation affirmed full commitment to the laws and legislations related to the principles of transparency and disclosure, adding that it has always been committed to these principles as fundamental values of governance.
The QSE statement indicated that Al Mannai Corporation reported the existence of a sale transaction for one of the assets of Al Mannai Corporation, which may be the reason behind the rise in Al Mannai’s shares during the aforementioned period.
Meanwhile, the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) index gained 25.14 points, or 0.20 percent, to close trading at 12,548.48 points on Tuesday.
The volume of shares traded increased to 188,783,357 from 173,768,429 on Monday and the value of shares increased to QR623.453 million from QR568.186 million on Monday.
The indices of five sectors are ended in the green zone and two sectors ended red zone today. The QSE Total Return Index gained 0.20 percent to reach 24,840.47 points, while QSE Al Rayan Islamic index increased 0.01 percent to 5,078.69 points and QSE All Share Index added 0.13 percent 3,954.27 points.
The day saw three of the seven sector indices close in the positive territory. The transport sector, which gained 1.3 percent, was the best performing sector index for the day. The banking sector and the telecom sector also made gains to lift the index higher.
The day witnesses conventional stocks perform better then the Islamic stocks.