Thursday, January 20, 2022
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NRK crew detained for trespassing on private property: GCO

Tribune News Network
NRK crew were taken into custody in the early hours of November 22 for trespassing on private property and filming without a permit, according to the Government Communications Office (GCO)
In a statement, the GCO said the authorities arrested the crew after responding to a complaint made by the owner of the private property which the crew had illegally accessed. The crew were released without charge early on November 23 after completing the necessary legal procedures. The Norwegian embassy and NRK executives were updated on the situation as it progressed.
The GCO said as in almost every country, trespassing is against Qatari law, which the crew members were fully aware of before entering the property. The crew were given access to film wherever they wanted in Qatar. They were provided with all the filming permits they had requested prior to their arrival and were offered meetings with senior government and third-party officials. These freedoms, however, do not override the rule of law, which the crew knowingly and wilfully violated. As a result of these violations, the crew were temporarily detained.
It said Qatar’s track record on media freedom speaks for itself. Qatar welcomes hundreds of international journalists and NGOs every year to report freely in the country. No journalist has ever been detained when Qatar’s laws have been respected.