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With our degrees, we look forward to serving our nation: QU graduates

With our degrees, we look forward
to serving our nation: QU graduates

Tribune News Network
A number of Qatar University graduates from the Class of 2021 expressed their joy on the occasion of their graduation, where they fulfil the greatest wish an academic hopes to achieve. The graduates thanked all university members who supported them on this journey -- from management to professors and fellow students, all who encouraged them and assisted them as they revealed their aspirations for the future and the projects they aim to embark on in their academic, professional and personal life.
Esraa Al-Rashed Al Mubarak – Chemistry
The real achievements can be measured by the amount of development and contributions an individual has made both for themselves and for the community. I do not consider the small achievements made during the university as triumphs for society, and yet I cannot hide the happiness I feel inside me after overcoming many difficulties and hurdles in my life. But now I feel victorious for all that I have succeeded in. My message to my fellow students is this: Every day you learn not to surrender, every day you try again, every day you stumble and you stand again, and that is an achievement, even if nobody else celebrates it. Certainly one day you will reap the rewards of your efforts. My career goal is to be competent and to allow myself to experiment and make mistakes, because variables are fundamental and persistent, hypotheses are refuted and altered, that is why there is no end to learning. I would like to look back ten years on and tell myself it was not easy, but I achieved it.
Asma Ali Jaghman – Media: Public Relations
My biggest achievement as a bachelor student is that I maintained a high GPA and I did not let any circumstances or difficulties negatively affect my performance. Thanks to the grace of Allah (SWT) and then my diligence and efforts, my name was on the Vice-President’s list from Fall 2018 until Spring 2020, and also I placed on the Dean’s List every semester. From the first semester, I made a promise to myself to make sure I excelled in my academics, and here I am having successfully fulfilled that promise. I feel proud everyday knowing that I graduated with honours from our country’s national university. I aspire to give back to my university and play, even a small role, in achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030. I hope to be an academic in Qatar University and teach students, while also leaving a positive influence on future generations. I do not just want to store the knowledge I have gained to myself, I want to pass it along to others. I also want to balance teaching through modern methods as well as working on research.
Anfal Ali Al-Srour – Media: Radio and Television
My biggest achievement as a student is learning how to organise my time, develop my personality and skills, and learn to rely on myself. My specialty requires a lot of work and photography, so for me every project was an achievement, as well as my level of academic performance throughout the four years of study. Graduating is a beautiful feeling. I aspire to use all the that I have learned in this field to develop the field of media in Qatar and to make an impact on society. I am now in the process of preparing for my master’s degree in radio and television and I am looking forward to create programs for future generation to help them fall in love with learning and continuing their education. I chose to specialise in media with a concentration in radio and television because of my love for creativity, generating ideas and photography. Thank you to my beloved family, who played a major role in encouraging me throughout my academic journey and helping me overcome challenges along the way. I feel grateful towards Qatar University because I met so many wonderful people here and it taught me many life lessons. I wish to extend my thanks to Dr El-Sayed El-Kilani, who was like a father figure and who cultivated in our minds a love of learning and paved the way for us to excel.
Joud Ali Al Alwany – Human Nutrition
Success is one of the greatest feelings. Success is a feeling only those who are fond of get to experience. There is no doubt that this is the first step towards a new phase in my life where I strive towards excellence, as I aspire to complete my studies and earn a master’s degree in my beloved university. My journey as a student was full of special accomplishments, most notably placing on the Dean’s List and earning my degree as a distinguished student from the Vice-Presidents Office and my participation in the Student Exchange Program, where QU chose me as a representative in Oman. Family is the foundation of society and a building block for success. My family were generous with their support. My father is and will remain the person I turn to. My mother was my partner, a source of light and was by my side through it all. My brothers are a source of continues giving and it makes me happy that I am able to take this opportunity to thank my family for all that they have offered me and to show them my appreciation. Qatar University, thank you my university, through you I began to dream, and through you I climbed to success.
Khadija Adel Ibrahim – Biological Sciences
I feel proud to have completed my bachelor degree with a high GPA after much hard work and effort. My biggest goal is to be a great researcher in the field of biological science, particularly in the field of cancer, its treatment, and also in stem cells. My biggest accomplishment as a student is what I learned at the scientific level and how I personally developed myself, in addition to placing on the Dean’s List and Vice-President’s List throughout my studies. I hope to continue learning and gaining experiences and developing myself by continuing my studies and obtaining a master’s degree. In my professional career, I plan to look for training or research opportunities in the field of biological sciences. I would like to thank my faculty who taught me in my five years of study, in particular Dr Md Mizanur Rahman from the Biological Sciences Programme for his continued support in my final year and for giving me the opportunity to train and finish a graduation project in the Advanced Cell Therapy Core in Sidra Medicine. This was an unbelievable opportunity in which I learned a lot and was able to gain experience and skills.
Renad Iyad Hasiba – Law
My life as a student cannot be defined only by my studies and my friends, because Qatar University offered me a fountain of achievements that would not have occurred to me otherwise. In QU, I learned how to rely on myself, how to be responsible, how to develop myself and the true meaning of accountability through joining volunteer programs within QU.
As our parents say, a university degree is a weapon for women. Certainly, it is an assurance and its presence is important. We are now in an age where work is important, and a diploma alone is not enough with expertise. My choice to enter law school was an easy choice and will open many doors for me.
Dhabia Mohammed Al-Khater – Pharmacy
The biggest achievement of my academic life as a pharmacy student is practising my passion, which was a dream that I aspired to reach. I was able to be a part of advanced scientific research and completed practical experimental training in a program organised in numerous pharmacies across Qatar. In addition, I was able to enter a summer training programme in QU’s Laboratory Animal Research Center. My greatest accomplishment is winning first place in the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation. Personally, I see the diploma as a key to the future, which I can use to open a number of doors, and I can build on it and pursue graduate studies or use it to enter a number of careers in the public or private sphere. It certainly guarantees many privileges to its recipient.
My priority is to leave a positive mark on society and develop the pharmaceutical industry in Qatar, spreading the message of pharmaceutical care to the community and educating the community about the importance of this profession. I aspire to launch my own company in the health field, which I am currently working on.
Aisha Bilal Al Khater –
Media: Radio and Television
To graduate is an indescribable feeling. I am very happy to have attained a bachelor’s degree. This will not be the end of my academic career, I aspire to complete postgraduate studies in the future and to rise further in my academics, gain experience, skills and serve my country and to make my parents proud. I credit Allah (SWT) and then my family for supporting me to complete my studies. Their prayers, happiness, and approval is the secret of my success and distinction. The most important achievement of the past four years was maintaining my GPA, a sense of responsibility, commitment and self-discipline. I would like especially thank Dr Abdul Rahman Al Shamy for his continuous encouragement, my dear mother, and my second home Qatar University, of which I am so proud to be a part of, and where I spent the best years. Qatar University, thank you for providing a distinguished level of education.
Aisha Ali Al Ziyara – Media: Public Relations
My biggest achievement is graduating from the third batch of the Student Leadership Center. In addition, in my senior year I represented the Qatari Delegation in an arts and media forum in Kuwait. A university degree is important as it is a social, financial and cultural security, among others. In the future, I hope to complete my graduate studies and become one of the most important journalists in Qatar. I also hope to carry the skills of public relations into my work.
Mariam AbdulAziz A -Mansouri -
Physical Education
I received a lot of support from most of my family, but some people categorically refused to accept my joining the physical education programme because they said there is no future. But through my participation in training programs I was able to train students of all ages, and through the past four years I was able to develop myself in this field, which I have been connected to since I was a child. It is an integral part of my life, so I aspire to complete my higher education studies in this field and develop the sport sector in the future.
Mirna Nady Abdul Raof – Biological Sciences
It was not easy, but with the grace of Allah (SWT) I was able to graduate. I feel more responsible than ever. Now I begin a new journey, which is to earn my master’s degree and to find a suitable job. I consider the undergraduate journey the end of the beginning, a start of a new future, new plans and new achievements. My presence on the Dean’s List for three consecutive semesters is one of my proudest accomplishments. A university degree is a tool that I can use to face the world, in addition to opening up prospects and opportunities in the professional world. My family are my primary supporters, who have offered me all the comforts and who stood by me these past four years in order for me to reach where I am today. I cannot deny the role they played when I was in my lowest moments, they were always there to support me to climb higher. This motivated me to work hard and make them proud of me. Thank you to my family for all they offered me in order to complete my educational journey.
Najla Saleh Al Kuwari - English Literature
As a student of Qatar University, there were many opportunities to do something special and great. I think my biggest achievement is contributing to the dissemination of knowledge alongside my department in the Open House. The Open House allowed me to get to know current and future students, as well as professors in Qatar University. It is impossible to describe the feeling of completing my studies. I felt happy, relieved – but also sad. Graduating means moving forward in life. As for what the future holds, I pray that it will be good. My family members are my greatest supporters. They allowed me to choose my major, English Literature, free of influence and they were respectful of my chosen path. I chose this major because it combines psychology, politics, film studies and sociology. It also strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills.
Hala Ali Al-Marri - Accounting and Finance
Throughout my journey as a student, I was able to see through a number of goals and achievements. First: Volunteer work, where I was able to contribute to organising a number of events and activities for the college and university. For example, in 2019, I was an organiser at the Dean’s List Ceremony and the Graduation Ceremony; I was also secretary for the QU Student Representative Board in the College of Business and Economics in its 6th round. Secondly, I was able to work in two different jobs while I was a student. I was an assistant in the College of Business and Economics, Student Affairs. I also helped teach students in the College. Third: I was a distinguished student earning a GPA of 2.9 and earning the High Distinction Award. I am proud that although I was employed in part-time work, I did not let it affect my studies and was still able to excel as a student. These experiences made me a stronger person able to thrive in any environment. I hope to continue my education and enter postgraduate studies as well as complete many researches related to my field.
Yasmin Ahmed Abu Jabal –
English and Linguistics
Through Qatar University, I majored in a discipline I never expected to excel in. I am connected to Qatar University through the legacy of my family in this university and try to be serious and diligent about my studies and to avoid failing no matter the circumstances and pressures. Despite the numerous obstacles along the way, I still succeeded in graduating and I am still trying to process that I finished this important task. The pandemic forced me to study remotely for the past two years and made me submit my graduation project electronically, a vast difference from previous batches. Despite this, I am full of joy and aspire to complete my graduate studies and to try as best as I can to continue learning and immerse myself in new experiences related to my field of study.
Wadha Ahmed Al-Anzy – Qu’ran and Sunna
Thank you Allah (SWT) first, and Prophet Muhammad (prayers and peace be upon him), I was able to complete my studies after first taking a break from academia. As a student, I was thankfully able to join a number of activities and clubs. A university diploma is now one of the most important means to have a decent life. However, we cannot consider the diploma our only security, we must rise higher. I feel reborn after finishing my undergraduate career, but I cannot stand on this edge, I must continue my studies, as learning is a lifelong process. With the grace of Allah (SWT), I will complete my master’s and await my acceptance and I pray that I receive what is best for me in my life.
Mariam Majmoud Abu Al-Ula – Law
I consider graduating with high marks one of the best accomplishments thus far. In my first semester, I earned a very low GPA, which pushed me to do better in the coming semesters. I also consider my graduation project, which came within an internship programme, one of my biggest achievements as a student. This project is an Instagram called ‘Nebras’ that seeks to contribute to the dissemination of Islamic-inspired human values, which we will continue with even after we graduate. For me, life post-graduation is an exciting prospect and I pray to Allah (SWT) that it will be great. My family have always been my number one supporters. They encouraged me to study what I love. I always do my best, because the sense of pride that I saw in their eyes every time I achieved success -no matter how small it was- pushed me to achieve more and more.
Iman Nabeel AbdulHadi – Chemistry
Thankfully, my university life was full of successes. I see university life as the most prominent phase in any student’s life, as university life gives you the opportunity to thrive in your chosen field and helps students love knowledge and curiosity. In addition, university works to refine a person’s personality and prepare students for the labor market. Throughout my journey as a student, I joined a number of useful workshops and helped organise a number of events, which helped me develop myself and gave me experience. Choosing a field to major in is a very difficult choice. This is a huge responsibility for any high school student and requires a lot of thought. For me, my interest in chemistry stems from high school chemistry class, thanks to my teacher who taught me and ignited a passion.
Jihad Nasser Al Houri –
Business and Administration
Frankly speaking, the concept of graduating brings about many mixed emotions, like happiness and sorrow, because I will miss my life as a student and all that it entails. I am now starting to seriously think about continuing my studies and pursuing a master’s degree even though I had never considered that path before. My diploma means a guarantee for me and a door that opens a variety of opportunities. Regardless of the obstacles and challenges that I faced along the way, through the corridors of Qatar University, I refined my personality, leaving as a completely different person from when I entered and my awareness flourished at QU. My family, relatives and loved ones are my biggest supporters. It was a great motivation for me, knowing they had my back even at my weakest points, and these are moments that you never forget. Everyone around me lifted me up, my children, husband, siblings, friends and close family, and especially my mother, may Allah (SWT) protect her, and I state here now how thankful I am to them all.