Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Macron wants curbs on police power

Following recurring reports of excessive police violence in France, President Emmanuel Macron has announced stronger checks on the powers of police officers.
A supervisory body is to be created at parliamentary level, Macron said in Roubaix on Tuesday. In addition, internal police investigations should be made public in the future. Instead of a general suspicion, there should be transparency, he added.
By the end of next year, all police officers are to be equipped with body cameras for filming sensitive operations. This would promote de-escalation and serve possible later investigations, Macron said.
A nationwide anti-discrimination platform launched in February had already received 7,564 complaints, but only 4 percent concerned the police, he said. After analysing the situation of the French police, Macron outlined a comprehensive police reform in Roubaix. Less bureaucracy and more efficient processes, better equipment and training, and twice as many officers on the streets within 10 years were some of the key recommendations.