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Over 45,000 people benefit from QRCS medical services during Eid holidays

Over 45,000 people benefit from QRCS
medical services during Eid holidays

Tribune News Network
The Medical Affairs Division of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) provided medical services to more than 45,000 people, mostly expatriates workers, during the Eid Al-Adha holidays.
The services, including public-health services, ambulances and informative services, were offered under the Qatar Public Health Strategy.
QRCS’ Training and Development Center also provided health education by producing and posting health messages via social media platforms. The messages provided advice on protection against high temperatures, especially during the hottest time of the day, as well as on first-aid for victims of emergencies like heat exhaustion and sunstroke.
The health educators at Workers’ Health Centers provided live health education for the visitors, with all preventive measures in place. In partnership with Qatar Cancer Society (QCS), QRCS marked World Hepatitis Day by featuring awareness videos in three languages on the informative monitors at the patient waiting areas of Workers’ Health Centers. A total of 2,000 visitors benefited from these videos.
At the same time, the four Workers’ Health Centers, managed and operated by QRCS under a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), did their normal job of offering primary and emergency healthcare services for unmarried expatriate workers in Qatar.
A wide range of services were provided by the health facilities over the period:
Fereej Abdulaziz Workers’ Health Center: 2,723 visitors were served, including 1,591 patients at general medicine clinics, 503 various dressing cases, 375 dental cases, and 251 COVID-19 swabs.
Mesaimeer Workers’ Health Center: 3,276 visitors were served, including 2,169 patients at general medicine clinics, 574 emergency cases, 355 dental cases, and 178 various dressing cases.
Zekreet Workers’ Health Center (Dukhan): 374 visitors were served.
Hemailah Workers’ Health Center (Industrial Area): Integrated health services were provided for chronic medical conditions, urgent cases, trauma, dressing, dental, and swabbing for suspected COVID-19 cases. During the Eid period, almost 5,000 patients were served.
At the Mekaines Motel, QRCS medical professionals conducted 31,261 swabs, 307 clinical consultations, and 54 urgent case referrals. QRCS provides 24/7 medical care and treatment services at the quarantine facility, in coordination with the MoPH.