Monday, October 18, 2021
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Qatar Economic Forum to boost Qatar’s image as vital economic player: Kuwari

Qatar Economic Forum to boost Qatar’s  image as vital economic player: Kuwari

Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance HE Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari has said that the Qatar Economic Forum beginning on Monday will shed light on Qatar’s efforts to consolidate its position as an influential economic player in the region.
Powered by Bloomberg, the three-day forum will be held via video conference.
The forum will also showcase Qatar as a leading investment destination to value-added projects in sectors that serve Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2018-2022 and establish a diversified and competitive knowledge-based economy, the minister said.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency, the minister stated that various economic policies that were adopted to lay down economic plans and maintain the stability and balance of the country’s economic growth will be discussed during the forum.
He said that proactive thinking and speed of adapting to changes constituted a basic pillar of the country’s plans and programmes in dealing with various regional and international challenges like the outbreak of the pandemic and drop in oil and gas prices.
He pointed out that the forum will shed light on the business environment provided by the state, available investment opportunities, and review developments that have been made in implementing major projects related to hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and efforts Qatar to consolidate commitment to the global multilateral trading system, enhance economic openness and strengthening cooperation with various trading partners around the world.
He affirmed that the organising committee of Qatar Economic Forum has completed all its preparations to organise the first edition of this important international event.
“The summit will also be the first of its kind in the region given the wide international participation that it will witness, especially from the head of the states and CEOs, as well as inspiring personalities and decision-makers to exchange views and discuss the current issues facing the various economies of the world,” the minister said.
The minister added that this virtual event aims to prepare plans that support the growth of the global economy during the post-pandemic stage, and to rethink the prospects for the global economy through the lens of the Middle East and North Africa region.
He pointed out that the importance of the Qatar Economic Forum lies in its ability to take advantage of the current situation to create a new platform for innovation and dialogue between countries to chart a new path, re-imagine the priorities of the global economy and build a better future for all.
On the most prominent issues and topics discussed by the forum, Kuwari said that the agenda will be centred around six main pillars including ‘Technology Advanced’ that will take a closer look at permanent changes to the human-technology nexus, ‘A Sustainable World’ that will explore the intersection of capitalism and climate, ‘Markets and Investing’ that poses the question of whether investors, in their inexorable pursuit of growth opportunities can shape a more resilient global economy, ‘Power and Trade Flows’ that gathers global power brokers to share their vision of the road ahead, ‘The Changing Consumer’ that examines the future of commerce and ‘A More Inclusive World; that will offer ideas for healing fissures in a post-pandemic society.
He said that the forum will witness the participation of more than 100 speakers from all over the world, including heads of state and CEOs, as well as influential voices and decision-makers in the fields of finance, economics, investment, technology, energy, education, sports and the climate in an effort to identify opportunities, present solutions and rethink the global economic landscape, in addition to the participation of more than 2,000 people from around the world.
On the possibility of making the forum an annual international platform to discuss global economic challenges and comprehensive development issues, Kuwari said that Qatar is one of the most important and leading destinations in the field of hosting and organising important global forums and events and that it has a proven track record of hosting international events, and provides facilities and infrastructure designed and built according to the highest international standards.
The minister added that the success witnessed by the various global events organised in Doha reflects the state’s ability to host international meetings and platforms that bring together the leaders from around the world, especially in light of the policies pursued by the state through the adoption of knowledge, creativity and innovation as a basis for growth and development in various fields.
He said that the organisation of Qatar Economic Forum is an important part of the country’s efforts towards consolidating its position as a pivotal commercial center for the business sector in the world, where thought leaders and experts will discuss innovative and effective solutions and mechanisms to address comprehensive development issues by providing an opportunity to exchange ideas to overcome various global economic challenges and build a better future for future generations.
Kuwari looked forward that this forum will be an annual international platform that brings together leaders, heads of government and experts from around the world to develop innovative and new perceptions of issues related to the global economy.
In response to the question about the forum’s role in discussing development issues in poor countries, the minister said the forum constitutes an international platform during which current global issues will be discussed to meet the aspirations of all countries, especially poor and developing countries.
He said that the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the fragility of the development systems prevailing in the world, whether at health, economic or political levels.
He pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the existence of institutional and structural weaknesses within government systems in developed and poor countries alike.
The minister added that the forum will continue to mobilise efforts and consolidate frameworks of cooperation and international solidarity to devise effective solutions to comprehensive development issues and chart future directions that will bridge the gap between developed and developing countries, especially in the right to obtain a vaccine through its fair and comprehensive distribution in a manner.