Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Focus on tobacco effects on oral and dental health

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and health sector institutions in Qatar are enhancing their efforts to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco consumption on oral and dental health in line with World No Tobacco Day 2021 under the theme ‘Commit to Quit’.
According to the ministry, refraining from consuming tobacco in all its forms and derivatives is an important factor in promoting better oral and dental health, including quitting smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, shisha and chewing tobacco.
Dr Wafaa Al Mulla, head of the National Task Force for the Promotion and Prevention of Oral and Dental Health at the National Oral and Dental Health Committee, said that there are five main reasons to avoid tobacco use.
These are:
 It causes oral cancer: Tobacco use and its derivatives is one of the leading causes of oral cancer due to the chemicals found in tobacco which are carcinogenic.
 Delayed healing: Tobacco use can delay the healing process for simple dental procedures, such as implants, tooth extractions and gum disease.
 Gum disease: This is when the gums are infected and inflamed, and bleed easily, which can cause teeth to loosen and may lead to tooth loss.
 Bad Breath: Tobacco use can lead to bacteria buildup which can cause halitosis (bad breath).
 Stained Teeth:
Tobacco is far worse in causing excess dental
plaque and making teeth yellow. (TNN)