Monday, August 2, 2021
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Simple measures could reduce global warming from methane : UN

Berlin Simple and inexpensive measures could reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane by 30 percent by 2030, slowing the rate of global warming, according to a UN report released on Thursday.
The methane cuts could also prevent 255,000 premature deaths and 26 million tons of crop losses worldwide each year, the report by the UN Environment Programme said.
Methane gas has a far greater greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide.
More than half of the methane emitted worldwide is due to human activities in oil and gas extraction, agriculture and waste disposal, the report said.
For example, fixing methane leaks and spills in the oil and gas sector was one way to cut down on emissions - a step the administration of US President Joe Biden has recently begun taking. The emissions could also be reduced by changing animal feed in the livestock sector, the report said.
The report also recommended separating biowaste from other garbage, which would divert the organic material from landfills.
According to the report, such measures could reduce global warming by 0.3 degrees Celsius by 2045. (dpa)