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Thara’a draw: Dukhan Bank announces winners of March

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Dukhan Bank customers Abdul Essa and Mohamed Saheb have won QR10,000 each in the latest round of the bank’s Thara’a raffle draw, which also saw 42 other customers winning QR5,000 each.
Thara’a is the bank’s Shariah-compliant savings account, which rewards its customers through raffle draws held on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
The monthly draw rewards two customers with QR10,000 each and 42 with QR5,000 each. The latest winners of QR5,000 are:
Ibrahim Sedaqat, Mahmoud Asran, Shaikha Al-Mass, Omar Ghadawi, Malik Mendoza, Bibibakhiyar Mahoudinowdaz, Ali Al-Tamimi, Hesham Elghannam, Alaa Hammad, Zeyad Elarir, Abdulla Al-Mohammadi, Adel Al-Azazi, Ibrahim Qusad, Saoud Alrewaily, Elasyed Salem, Khaled Aldakhin, Mohammed Alnaimi, Housine Karmous, Maysaa Al-Mulla, Fahid Al-Khaldi, Amal Al-Haddad, Dijin Kumar, Seham Balawni, Fadi Madi, Ali Salatt, Shaikha Al-Saai, Ahmad Mohamad, Shaymaa Mohamed, Hassan Al-Malki,Salman Murikkinkadan, Mohammed Al-Kuwari, Salwa Sakr, Mazhar Taha, Mariam Riad, Thibault Martinez, Neetu Mehta, Shahad Faisal Al-Malki ,Sharefa Almansoori, Rabie Khaldi, Mohd Alsayed, Mohammad Reyad Mohammad and Khalid Alkubaisi.
Every quarter, the draw picks two winners for QR25,000 each and two others for QR50,000 each. Annually, the draw picks one for the grand prize of QR1 million. The draw has so far rewarded 365 winners with QR3.2 million.
The latest round of the draws was also conducted under the supervision of a representative of the qualitative license and market control department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Coupled with cash prizes and a reward scheme, Thara’a is a product full of value-added benefits and services. Thara’a offers account holders access to Dukhan Bank’s innovative banking channels.
Customers may learn about the many benefits of Thara’a savings account by visiting Dukhan Bank’s website,, or by calling the Contact Centre on 800 8555.Two Dukhan customers win QR10,000 each, 42 get QR5,000 each