Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Israel to compensate families in decades-old missing children case

Tel Aviv
Israel’s government on Monday approved a plan to offer compensation to the families of thousands of children of Yemenite immigrants who mysteriously went missing seven decades ago.
“The time has come for the families whose infants were taken from them to receive recognition from the state and government of Israel, and financial compensation,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Netanyahu called it “among the most painful affairs” in Israel’s history and asked the Education Ministry to include it in textbooks on Israeli history.
A total of 162 million shekels ($49.6 million) will be paid out to affected families.
Some 50,000 Jews immigrated from Yemen to the newly founded state of Israel in the 1950s, with many put up in temporary refugee camps.
During that time, hundreds of children disappeared, and many of the families allege they were kidnapped and dispersed throughout Europe.
The fates of many of
these children could never
be clarified.
In 2016, the government opened a public database accessible online with more than 200,000 documents related to the missing children.