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‘Qatari men should opt for teaching careers to foster a better future together’

‘Qatari men should opt for
teaching careers to foster a better future together’

Tribune News Network
Despite the important role that teachers and educators play in raising the youth, the teaching profession in Qatar faces challenges in attracting talent, especially Qatari men.
For Faisal Mubarak Al Qahtani, teacher of Islamic Education and Qatari History and Heritage at Qatar Academy Doha, part of Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education, who has been in the teaching industry since 2012, becoming a teacher was something he envisioned since he was a college student.
Qahtani has always believed in the power of education and in the impact that Qatari teachers can make by becoming role models for their young fellow citizens. Qatari teachers have the opportunity to build a new generation that is proud of their culture, values and identity, and are able to support the advancement of their nation.
But young Qatari men are still hesitant to pursue a career in teaching because of the many challenges that discourage them to join the profession, he said.
One of the biggest challenges, according to Qahtani, is the element of responsibilities that teachers are burdened with. While teaching is considered a noble profession – one that requires a great deal of time and effort, in addition to the necessary qualifications and skills that the job demands such as classroom management and being able to deal with students – the majority of the Qatari youth prefer slightly easier jobs with greater financial returns.
Qahtani also highlighted that Qatari teachers can directly contribute to advancing the development of the nation.
He said, “Without a doubt, Qatari teachers set an example and role model for students, which can enhance students’ sense of belonging to their country and school. This will be reflected on their academic development and achievements, and their ability to serve the nation in the future. All of which are in the best interest of Qatar.”
Speaking about ways to attract the youth into the teaching profession, Qahtani said, “Elevating the status of the teacher is extremely important in order to attract the youth to the sector. It is vital to highlight the role of the teacher as an instrument that instils positive values and morals in their students.
“Our youth need more encouragement and support to become teachers through proper career counselling programmes. We have capable and qualified young people who have the potential to succeed in teaching all subjects.”
Building on his personal experience as a teacher, Qahtani said, “I urge qualified young Qatari men to carry the message of teaching forward and to spare no effort in teaching the next generation so that we can build a better future together.”