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Guiding others to success is the hallmark of good leadership, says new PICE Qatar leader

Guiding others to success is the hallmark of 
good leadership, says new PICE Qatar leader

Engineer Mark Anthony Pinuela Abendan, the new President of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Qatar, believes that guiding others to success is the hallmark of a good leadership.
He pointed out that it is the same principle he intends to highlight in leading the Qatar chapter of the professional organisation for civil engineers in the Philippines.
“On values important to me as a leader, solidarity and sincere involvement are essential. Each member is as important as the whole organisation; one should be provided with enough window to contribute and reach one’s full potential. And that is my style! Dedicating myself in developing more leaders by coaching and guiding them in giving their best talents, energies, and resources to produce also other leaders,” the new leader said.
Abendan joined PICE Qatar in 2012 and considered it as a high point of his 11-year residency in the country. He currently works as a Senior Quantity Surveyor for an Italian engineering consultant firm.
In a recent interview with Qatar Tribune, he further talked about his personal and professional life as well as shared his vision and motivation in leading one of the most active Filipino professional organisations in the country in the midst of the excitement for the new year and anticipation for greater challenges ahead due to the global health crisis.
Q: Which part of the Philippines are you from? What is the
best thing about your province/ region?
AcTypeface:> I hailed from the Visayas region of the Philippines. I grew up in my mother’s home province of Iloilo and spent most of my adult life in Cebu, in which my father is a native. These two provinces in the Visayas are equally stunning-- defined by diverse culture, delectable cuisine and breathtaking beaches and mountain ranges. But the most special thing about the Visayas region is its people, how we value family and our identity.
What or who inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?
As a child, I spent most of my free time playing outside with other kids mostly building our own toy cars and barracks out of cardboard, empty cans and whatever we could scavenge around. These influenced me to pursue something that involves constructing and working in a team.
Who has been your greatest influence in life?
If there is this one person who greatly influenced me both personally and professionally, that would be Araceli Pinuela Abendan, a retired DPWH accountant III and my beloved mother. Her office in the Philippines’ Department of Public Works and Highways was our after-school playground when my siblings and I were still little. It exposed me early on to construction and engineering atmosphere. And watching mama perform her task in her workplace, by example, made me understand unwavering integrity, service and the importance of each member and the value of its contribution to the organisation. Above all, she taught me to treat everyone as family.
What is your vision for PICE
Qatar under your leadership?
The pandemic has brought about a great deal of challenges, nonetheless, it opened opportunities for innovations. That will be one of our focus- to innovate and adapt to the new normal. And also, to explore how we can make use of PICE Qatar ‘s pool of world class talents and skills, knowledge and resources to help those who are greatly devastated by the pandemic, here in Qatar and in the Philippines. We, the 2021 Board of Directors together with the Council of Advisers and Committee Chairmen, are determined to advance the welfare of our members and the development and prestige of the civil engineering profession and to be a dynamic force in nation building.

What are the rewards and
benefits of joining a professional organisation like PICE Qatar?
As Helen Keller points out, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Participating in organisations like PICE Qatar will expose you to myriad of opportunities to share and further your professional skills and knowledge. And most importantly, to experience the joys of camaraderie of like-minded people. PICE Qatar is a solid family.
What do you love the most about Qatar?
Qatar has been my home away from home for more than a decade now.
Qatar is a beautiful country adorned with gorgeous skyline and vibrant fusion of contemporary and old-world culture; a melting pot full of possibilities. Its sunsets never fail to awe me every time. On top of all, the fantastic leadership of the government and warmth towards the expatriates.
What is your advice to young leaders and aspiring civil engineers?
As a young leader myself and as a civil engineer, I still have a long way to go, there are matters yet to learn and grow. Nevertheless, I unapologetically advise them not to fear failures in life. Why? For a couple of reasons. One, we can laugh about it. Second, we can always re-build and renovate. It is essential that we see failures are as important as our successes - they mold us, they provide us with the building blocks to construct the best version of us and, eventually, be of service and contribute to our community - to the world we live!
How do you define success?
Success for me is when I am able to accomplish and experience something, no matter how immense or small and regardless of the outcome, with great love and integrity. And most importantly, I had fun during the process.
PresidentcTypeface:> Engr. Mark Anthony Abendan
First Vice President: Engr. Arman Tolentino
Second Vice President: Engr. Rogel Banal
Secretary: Engr. Dave Sanchez
Treasurer: Engr. Marian Ocampo
Auditor: Engr. Belinda dela Cruz
Business Manager: Engr. Mikaela Espiritu
Public Relations Officer: Engr. Marie Joy Reyes
Sergeant-At-Arms: Engr. Eduardo Francisco
Committee Chairpersons:
Engr. Danica Rose Alcantara (Membership)
Engr. Emilio Manalo (PICE Qatar Affairs)
Engr. Meliza Ortiguerra (Ways and Means)
Engr. Edgar Domingcil (Honors & Special Professional Licensure Examinations)
Engr. Aushford Acera (Continuing Professional Advancement)
Engr. Alden Cayaga (Publications and