Sunday, April 18, 2021
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US climber goes missing near Pak’s K2 peak

IslamabaD: Pakistani authorities have launched a search for an American climber who went missing near K2, the world’s second-highest peak, officials said on Monday.
“Two army helicopters and a team of mountaineers are taking part in the search operation,” Karar Haidri, a spokesperson of the government-run Alpine Club of Pakistan told dpa. American climber Alex Goldfarb was last seen with Hungarian climber Zoltan Szlanko at Pastore Peak, which is 6,209 mts above sea level. Goldfarb used a respite there to acclimate himself for an attempt of nearby Broad’s Peak, which is 8,047 mts tall. Szlanko headed back down after the break. John Snorri, who was at the K2 base camp for the winter expedition volunteered to take part in the search operation along with a local mountaineer. The search has produced “no leads” so far, he said. (dpa)