Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Israel strikes Hamas posts in response to Gaza gunfire

Tel Aviv/Gaza City - The Israeli army exchanged fire with Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, after shots were fired at a military vehicle adjacent to the security fence.
In response, an Israeli tank targeted a Hamas military post in the southern Gaza Strip.
Shortly after, the army said additional shots were fired at another military vehicle near the security fence. Again, an Israeli tank targeted two additional Hamas military posts adjacent to the point of fire. No injuries were reported on either side.
Despite a Qatari-brokered truce between the radical Islamist Hamas movement and Israel, there have been several flare-ups of violence over the past months. Israel, the United States and the European Union list Hamas as a terrorist organization.
Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, where some 2 million Palestinians live in crowded, impoverished conditions. (dpa)