Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Ooredoo warns against phishing scams

The Ooredoo Group has cautioned its customers against phishing scams that seek to steal personal information through fraudulent emails and website pop-ups purporting to be from the telecom major. “We’ve seen a rise in the number of counterfeit emails and websites lately. Remember, we won’t EVER send you an unsolicited request for personal information through email, or via pop-up windows on a website,” Ooredoo said in a video posted on Twitter. The group has called on its customers to stay alert and not share their OTPs. “OTP is a One-time Password used to verify your identity. Scammers can access your account and make transactions with your OTP,” it warned.
“Verify the URL in your web browser address bar, don’t ever click links on an email purporting to be from us.” The group has urged the public to report any suspicious requests on its hotline 111 or official email (TNN)