Friday, December 4, 2020
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Qatar renews commitment to multilateralism at UN meet

QATAR has renewed its commitment to multilateralism and affirmed its active role in the international multilateral action, warning that the weakening or absence of the multilateral system would lead to bullying in international relations and prevalence of jungle law with all its dangers and consequences that would affect everyone.
This came in the statement of Qatar delivered by Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HE Dr Ahmed bin Hassan Al Hammadi during the ministerial meeting of the Alliance for Multilateralism, held remotely on the sidelines of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Hammadi stressed Qatar’s support to the ‘Alliance for Multilateralism’ initiative, launched by the foreign ministers of France and Germany, saying that multilateralism is clearly exemplified by the role carried out by the United Nations in its capacity as the main forum for international cooperation and burden-sharing in facing challenges.
Hammadi called on the member states to develop their capabilities to enhance the role of the international organisation to meet the challenges and enable it to achieve its goals, adding that Qatar agrees with the initiative as it reflects the goals and objectives of the United Nations Charter and fulfills the common aspirations of the international community.
He affirmed that Qatar will remain one of the distinguished actors in the international multilateral action, employing its capabilities and multilateral diplomatic legacy to support the role of the United Nations and its organs to enable them to carry out their mandate, expressing his pride that Doha has become a capital for multilateral diplomacy and a platform for dialogue, tolerance and cooperation.
In the framework of the collective response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which is severely afflicting the most vulnerable social classes, Hammadi highlighted the medical aid provided by Qatar to more than 78 countries, in addition to the support it has provided to the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the UN High Commissioner for Refugee Agency (UNHCR), stressing that Qatar will continue to provide support and assistance, particularly to the vulnerable groups of civilians to protect them from this pandemic. He noted that the increasing common challenges of the international community constitute a growing concern for all, as crises and violations of international law threaten peace and stability in the world, making multilateralism the only option for achieving peace and development and protecting human rights.
He said that despite the fact that the United Nations was founded on international cooperation and multilateralism, this system faces today serious challenges that undermine the gains made, and the international efforts to promote peace, development and human rights.
Hammadi also expressed concern over the challenges facing the region as a result of the continued conflicts and fabrication of crises to achieve goals that are prohibited by the United Nations Charter and international law, and constitute a serious threat to regional and international peace and stability.