Monday, September 21, 2020
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Health Specialities Group at QU draws highest number of students this year

Health Specialities Group at QU draws 
highest number of students this year

Tribune News Network
Qatar University’s (QU) Health Specialities is one of the largest academic health clusters in the country. Under one umbrella, the grouping includes the four colleges of health, pharmacy, health sciences, medicine and dentistry.
This grouping includes students in various fields of health, in addition to specialised academics, medical practitioners and researchers in various fields of health. This academic year in particular, the Health Specialisations Group excelled in attracting the largest number of students, especially those with excellent education.
Dr Mohammad Diab, assistant professor and dean College of Pharmacy, said, “This year is distinguished by a number of things, including the acceptance of the first batch of boys to the College of Pharmacy since its establishment and in addition to the high turnout of Qatari students to join the college, as the percentage of Qataris admitted to the college this year was 50 percent. This demand reflects the importance of specialisation and the quality of the internationally accredited academic programmes offered by the college, which fulfils the Qatar National Strategic Plan to expand healthcare services and Qatar University’s strategy to provide the labour market with national cadres capable of serving the country.”
Dr Halima Al Farsi, assistant dean for Student Affairs at the College of Medicine, said: “The challenge this year was in the number of Qataris applying to the college, as their number exceeded 100 students. This demand for the College of Medicine is honourable, but the challenge of choosing was very difficult for the admission committees.
“The College of Health Sciences has achieved the acceptance of the largest percentage of Qatari female students due to the multidisciplinary aspect and the seniority of its disciplines over the rest of the colleges. On a more general level, all the colleges of the Health Cluster at Qatar University achieved this year a new record in attracting students who are academically excelling in health specialties, and in the number of Qataris accepted from them, whose percentage exceeded 60 percent of the students joining the pool. This interest in the fields of health for new generations constitutes an awareness of a promising future for the health sector, in line with the National Health Strategy 2018-2022.”
“Young people today are the leaders of the future, and time has proven that excellence in the fields of health is an urgent international need locally and globally, especially as we live in a time of the global pandemic Covid-19, so we are proud of this good turnout, and we look forward to the return of life to normal, and the students to study in campus,” Dr Halima added.