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Pak Youth Society organises online event to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day

Pak Youth Society organises online event to celebrate 
Pakistan Independence Day

Pak Youth Society–Qatar, one of the oldest forums of the Pakistani community in Qatar, organised a live show online to celebrate the 74th Pakistan Independence Day of Pakistan in coordination with online platform MeetwithRana.
The online broadcast show was hosted by Rana Anwar Ali, who presented a series of daily live shows from August 1 to 14, as part of Pakistan Independence Day celebrations. The aim of the event was to bring the community members togetther.
The show on August 12 comprised a live speech contest aimed to represent and honour the voices of Pakistan’s youth. The event, which was shown live on Facebook as well as on YouTube, attracted more than 1,100 viewers. Anwar Ali started the programme by inviting a young participant to recite a few verses from the Holy Quran and played the national anthem.
The topic of the speech contest was ‘Pakistan and Independence’ and it was left to the participants to add their own personal perspectives. The contest was divided into two categories. The first category included contestants of age 11 and older, while the second category was for contestants aged 10 and younger. In total, 12 participants registered from Qatar, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The contestants from the first category included Ammad Jibran Yousuf, Hania Amjad, Rehab Ahsan, Ramla Kamran, Syed Okasha Bilal, Emad Mughal, Muhammad Hasaan Ilahi, Mariyam Omar and Fatima Yousuf. Contestants from the second category included Muhammad Bin Amjad, Muhammad Aayan and Abdullah Aaban.
The contestants delivered brilliant speeches in Urdu and English and expressed their thoughts on the Independence Day of Pakistan. The ideas that were shared ranged from the history of Pakistan, to the sacrifices of forefathers, the value of the nation, and the future vision of Pakistan. The contestants clearly demonstrated that their voice in the national dialogue is important and they are ready and willing to fight for the country they love. The contestants also honoured their heritage by dressing in traditional attire representing the colours of the flag in their decorations. This made the show quite spectacular for the audience.
Towards the conclusion of the speeches, and to allow the judges time for deliberation, the show continued on by inviting key guests from the Pakistani community. Notable members of the community included Syed Intisar Hussain, Rashid Latif, Tahir Mahmood Chaudhary, Qaisar, Hafizullah and Ashraf Siddiqui. President of PYSQ Qazi Mohammed Asghar and community members shared their messages and thoughts pertaining to the Independence Day. Syed Intisar Hussain regaled the audience with patriotic songs. Famous writer and poet, Junaid Azir, also joined the show from Islamabad, Pakistan as the chief guest.
Muhammad Tahir Jamil played the role of chief judge for the live speech contest along with a panel of judges. The winners from the first category included Syed Okasha Bilal who secured the first position, Rehab Ahsan who came second and Hania Amjad who got the third position. In the second category, Muhammad Bin Amjad secured the first position, Abdullah Aaban got the second position and Muhammad Aayan secured the third position. The judges stressed the importance of participation of the youth and encouraged everyone to celebrate Independence Day.
The show concluded with
a prayer for the prosperity of
Pakistan. Anwar Ali thanked the guests and participants for
making the show a special occasion. Community members greatly appreciated the efforts of Anwar Ali and expressed their support for the show through various likes, reactions, and messages through social media.