Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Coronavirus numbers improve slightly in Spain’s hotspots

MADRID: The number of daily new coronavirus infections has slightly declined in Spain’s hardest-hit regions, authorities said on Thursday.
Especially in the Catalan regions Lleida and Barcelona, which recently recorded a rise in infections that prompted European countries to reimpose restrictions on travellers from Spain, cases have slightly abated.
Local authorities said the reproduction rate, which records how many people each coronavirus patient infects on average, declined in both regions, local newspaper La Vanguardia reported.
In the eastern Catalan city of Lleida, the reproduction rate sunk to below 1. Local authorities have begun easing restrictions and lifted a ban on travel to and from the area.
In Barcelona, where the reproduction rate had temporarily stood at 3, it has now reportedly sunk to slightly above 1.
Spain has over 270,000 cases and 28,400 deaths. (DPA)