Friday, September 18, 2020
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Hoyas for Each Other Program at QF brings together staff & students to build community

Hoyas for Each Other Program 
at QF brings together staff & 
students to build community

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Despite the great hardships caused by the ongoing global pandemic, the health crisis has also brought the best in individuals, institutions and communities. At GU-Q, the crisis put the core values of the university, such as Women and Men for Others, to the test, as students, faculty and staff found themselves physically separate, while they needed to remain connected and engaged in the shared academic, research and service missions of the university.
Taking up the work of the university online proved to be a successful transition. Courses have been taught online, public events have gathered local and global audiences in online webinars, and the number of communications supporting the university’s ongoing operations has continued uninterrupted. But the online transition encompassed more than the academics of university life. Georgetown’s commitment to CuraPersonalis, caring for the entire person, has inspired a host of creative ways for the campus community to stay connected and supported in the wake of the crisis.
One of these projects is the Hoyas for Each Other programme, where faculty and staff volunteers organised workshops for GU-Q students in a variety of entertaining and educational topics.
Organised by volunteer staff, the five sessions were titled Photography, Improve Talk, German Roundtable Discussion, Yoga, Doha on the Budget, Reclaim Your Space and Healthy Lifestyle. Students had the choice to sign up for any combination of classes they wanted, to learn new skills, and to get a chance to chat with friends and university community members in a casual, stress-free setting.
Brendan Hill, Senior Associate Dean for Students at GU-Q, said: “This summer programme was designed to keep students engaged this summer. And our students really enjoyed getting to know the staff and faculty at a different level.
This summer, classes were also taught by GU-Q student volunteers, who offered a variety of enrichment opportunities for faculty and staff children. “The Hoyacation Program involved GU-Q students teaching staff and faculty children, and Hoyas for Other Program involved staff and faculty teaching GU-Q students. So, through both programs, we’ve really got a full circle of engagement this summer.”