Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Shooting down of Ukrainian aircraft due to ‘human error’: Iran

Tehran Iran has once again given an explanation for the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane over Tehran about seven months ago.
There was a communication error at the responsible military department due to the incorrect alignment of the radar system, media reports said on Monday, which ultimately led to the aircraft being fired on accidentally.
The Iranian aviation authority wrote in its final report that it was a “human error.” The plane was mistakenly shot down by Iranian forces on January 8, shortly after taking off from Tehran. All 176 people on board were killed.
The shooting was initially denied by the Iranian leadership, which subsequently led to furious protests in the country.
President Hassan Rowhani then promised a thorough and complete investigation by a special court and various teams of experts. Some people are said to have already been arrested in connection with the incident.
Last month, Iran agreed to hand over the flight recorders of the passenger plane to France for evaluation. Tehran has also agreed to pay compensation to the families of the plane’s foreign victims.
Among the dead passengers were Canadians, Ukrainians, Afghans, British, Swedes and Iranians with residence rights in Sweden. (DPA)