Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Egypt cracks down on ‘life-threatening’ kite-flying

Egypt has launched a crackdown to arrest makers and flyers of kites after the pastime reportedly caused accidents among young people and kids.
Flying kites has gained more popularity in densely populated urban centres like Cairo since the government imposed a lockdown in March to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
Even after the lockdown was lifted and many daily routines resumed, kite flying has remained a popular activity this summer for Egyptians.
The Interior Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that 16 people, apparently kite sellers, were arrested in Cairo. They were in possession of 70 kites.
It added that Cairo security authorities launched a campaign that targeted the makers, sellers and flyers of the kites due to “the danger they pose to the lives of kids and youths.”
Authorities in other provinces have also launched crackdowns. The Alexandria governor has imposed financial fines on flying kites, for example.
Several accidents that involve kids and young men falling off rooftops while having fun with kites were recently reported.
Kite-making has turned into a small business for some people without jobs and those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus lockdown.
Besides safety, another reason for the clampdown has been offered: national security.