Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Afghan govt calls for Taliban to return to peace process

An Afghan government spokesperson on Sunday called for the Taliban to reject violence and return to the stalled intra-Afghan peace process in the wake of weeks of bloodshed across the country.
“The time has come for the Taliban to renounce violence and enter the peace process in a realistic way,” spokesperson Seddiq Seddiqi wrote on Twitter on Sunday.
Seddiqi’s comments came the day after six civilians were killed and a further 12 were wounded in a roadside bomb in south-eastern Ghazni province.
Meanwhile, an online spat escalated on Sunday after spokesperson for the Afghan Security Council, Javid Faisal slammed the Taliban for recent violence which had killed 23 civilians in the past week.
Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid responded that it was illogical to expect the group to agree to a ceasefire before intra-Afghan talks had begun.
Pointing the finger at the Afghan government for the delayed start to the talks, Mujahid said the Taliban was “left with no option but the continue the war.”