Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Qatar Charity Eid Al-Adha programme set to benefit 1.6m people in 30 nations

Qatar Charity Eid Al-Adha 
programme set to benefit 
1.6m people in 30 nations

Tribune News Network
Qatar Charity (QC) has launched the Eid Al-Adha campaign for 2020, targeting some 1.6 million beneficiaries in 30 countries, across Qatar, Asia, Africa and Europe.
The campaign, with the support from the people in Qatar, aims to provide 42,286 Udhiyah at an estimated cost of about QR20 million, focusing on those affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the poor, the needy, the displaced and refugees.
Muhammad Rashid Al Kaabi, assistant CEO for the Communication and Resource Development Sector at Qatar Charity, said: “The campaign will contribute to restoring hope to thousands of those in need across three continents, especially in countries facing displacement and going through a very challenging time due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.”
“As the Udhiyah campaign aims at reaching out to more than 1.6 million people worldwide, it requires an overwhelming response from the people in Qatar, both citizens and residents, in the same manner they always extend support to Qatar Charity’s campaigns,” Kaabi added.
The campaign aims to distribute 4,500 Udhiyah, valued at over QR2 million, to more than 42,615 people within Qatar. The families of orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, low-income families, workers and those affected by the coronavirus will receive Udhiyah. Besides, 450 orphans will get Eid gifts, while 450 persons will benefit from Eid clothing.
Outside Qatar, the distribution of nearly 37,786 Udhiyah will benefit over 1.5 million people in Albania, Ethiopia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Senegal, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, The Gambia, Yemen, Ghana, Palestine, Kosovo, Lebanon, Nepal, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Chad, Jordan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Turkey, Togo and Tunisia.
Qatar Charity calls on benefactors in Qatar to contribute to the campaign to put smiles on the faces of beneficiaries. Providing its supporters with a wide range of options to donate for Udhiyah, Qatar Charity will receive donations until the fourth day of Eid.
Donors can reach Qatar Charity through the link (, home collectors (QCH.QA/APP), hotline 44667711, SMS to 92652 (for Ooredoo customers) and its branches and collection points across the country.