Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Picpa Doha’s new set of office-bearers keen to show the way in difficult times

Picpa Doha’s new set of office-bearers 
keen to show the way in difficult times

Amid uncertainties and adapting to the “new normal”, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Picpa) Doha LLC(G) has reiterated its resolve to uphold and maintain high standards in the accountancy profession and encourage Filipino finance professionals to further grow in their fields to gain competitive edge in the market.
According to the newly elected Picpa Doha President Alvin R. Polido, he and the rest of the new set of of Picpa Doha council and associate officers are up to the task of leading the professional group for the fiscal year 2020-2021 guided by the mission and vision of Picpa Doha.
“We believe that every problem is an opportunity in disguise. It is a realisation that this pandemic unveils how effective and efficient we are as an organisation to adapt in every situation. We, at Picpa Doha, undertake to continually provide professional services during this difficult times by utilisation of virtual platform to facilitate timely and relevant webinars and carry on with our online classes as scheduled.
“Moreover, our communication remains strong and active through computer-based technology such as website page, social media handles and email-based accounts for inquiries, dissemination of information and building of virtual networks and communities. Our assistance to our members remain steadfast while complying with the government’s directives and restrictions,” Polido said.
Picpa Doha, established in 2007, has obtained its Qatar Financial Center license in 2018. It currently has more than 300 members and associates handling various positions such as auditors, consultants, accountants, risk managers, and finance heads.
These members represent companies in Qatar spread out across all sectors and industries such as banking, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, trading, insurance, hospitality, education, technology, financial institutions, and government agencies.
Polido said aside from promoting the Philippine certified public accountant qualification among its associates as well as encouraging members and associates to obtain other international certifications, Picpa Doha would like
to introduce the Accounting for Non-Accountants to the Filipino community in Qatar.
He said the programme is regarded as a social responsibility that would help the community learn about the basics of Accounting that they can apply whether at work or in their everyday lives.
“Although it has been our initiative ever since, we believe that through the help of technology, we can reach a broader audience thru online platform where the participants are just a click away to acquire the knowledge they need on a personal and professional level,” he added.
Meanwhile Picpa Doha Vice President Christian Dave M. Barrameda stressed that also foremost to their priorities is ensuring the well-being and safety of their members at this time. He said, “I wanted to come up with a plan of how PICPA will be more visible to our members especially at this time of uncertainty. Through the help of the other members, we can reach different networks to address the needs of members who needs jobs or assistance.
Barrameda added that they are planning to have webinars wherein most of the topic will deal more on technology and how can the members adopt to the changes especially at this time. He said they are also currently working on Picpa Doha’s membership campaigns that will include informing on the benefits of joining the organisation like professional advancement, job postings, and free webinars.
“This has been a challenging year to all of us facing the pandemic as well as its effects. I hope that all of the members and their families are safe and for those ones who have lost their jobs, we hope that PICPA can be able to extend their help by helping them identify opportunities in the market through the help of the other members here in Qatar,” said Barrameda.
Aside from Polido and Barrameda, the top leadership of Picpa Doha also includes Abdul Rahim G. Gandamra who serves as the organisation’s Senior Vice President. Gandamra has been a resident of Qatar for more than five years and works as a Finance Business Analyst (Contingent Worker) at Qatar Foundation - Finance Directorate since 2015. He is a proud descendant of the Maranaw lineage in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.
“Grounded by the Vision and Mission of the organisation, Picpa Doha FY2020-2021 Council envisions to strengthen its commitment to provide quality service to its members and stakeholders. The current leaders commit themselves to be the vanguard of a responsive and globally relevant professional organisation devoted to service excellence among the Filipino finance professionals. Lastly, the Council binds itself in providing undisrupted and continuous support to the community especially during this trying time,” Gandamra said.
The new set of council officers of Picpa Doha also includes Carmie Joy Bue as Secretary. She is working as an auditor and has more than 15 years experience in the field of accounting, finance, and internal audit with companies in bank, food, manufacturing, construction, business services and retail industries.
Treasurer Micha Lizette M. Pataueg has over nine years of progressive work experience from various industries while Auditor Karen Lucila is a motivated and strong-willed Bicolana currently working as a Senior Fixed Asset Specialist at Qatar Foundation (QF).
Serving the position of Accountants in the new Council are John Vincent P. Gunita and Chubet Ann Villanueva. Gunita is currently working as an Accountant in Emerald Driller Company while Villanueva is currently the Payroll Accountant of Jaidah Group.
Public Relations Officer Hazel A. Abella is currently working as a Finance Manager in one of the F&B industries and works as a Senior Associate in one of the consulting firms in the region.
The new chairpersons for various committees are Warren F. Molas (Continuing Professional Development), Venetia Claire C. Flores (Corporate Social Responsibility), Sherman C. Ilustre (Education), Paul Jason Jimenez (Community Affairs), Nikkolai Whitney Abella (Sports), Chester C. Mendoza and Liza D. Mancao (Ways and Means), Karish Laura T. Eletante (Social Media Relations), Wilnessa P. Dugang and Jizan R. Rasuman (Membership) and Michelle Eugene L. Baraquio (Corporate Governance and Compliance). Baraquio is also the BOD Secretary.
The new set of associate officers for fiscal year 2020 to 2021 are Eduardo A. Chavarria (President), Federico F. Faldas (Vice President), Nicole Grace M. Baccay (Secretary and Chairman for Social Media Relations). Other Chairpersons are Jinky C. Gale (Ways and Means), Mark Anthony M. Miraflores (Membership), Mary Ann Salubo (Education), Dennis B. Freyra (Community Affairs), Katherine M. Javier (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Kimberlene M. Ocol (Events).