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Bringing joy as a nurse and in making delicious cakes, this expatriate is on the top of her game

Bringing joy as a nurse and in making delicious 
cakes, this expatriate is on the top of her game

Doha resident Chris Marie Sacro has her heart set on two things: caring for patients and making extraordinary beautiful cakes.
For the past nine years, Chris has been part of the dynamic Filipino healthcare workforce in Qatar working in a local hospital as a nurse. And since venturing into the world of baking in 2014, she has earned an avid following with her delicious pastries and signature Korean glossy buttercream floral cakes and cupcakes.
According to the young professional, cake decorating is a form of therapy for her as she kept to her schedule fulfilling a nurse’s devotion to her sworn duty.
“The most fulfilling part of being a nurse for me is when you were able to bring comfort and smile to your patient’s face despite their pain and suffering. Time management and prioritisation are my greatest skills in which I apply both in nursing and baking,” said Chris.
On being part of the frontline in Qatar’s fight against coronavirus disease, Chris said her initial reaction was fear which she likened to a feeling of a soldier going to a war against an unknown enemy.
“Going for nurse duty is an everyday battle. With all those negativities affecting me, I have to redirect my focus and let the blessings be magnified than the virus. I honour all the frontliners for fulfilling the duty that they are sworn into. There is no greater love than laying down one’s own life for others,” Chris said.
Further talking about the profession she loves the most, she added, “In our profession there is no holiday. Being away during family gatherings and special occasions or not being able to take care of family members whenever they are sick are among the hardest parts of the job. The moment you stepped in the unit (in the hospital) you have to forget your own issues because your focus is not yourself but your patient.”
On her promising baking and cake decorating journey, Chris fondly shared her experience of competing in the Online Cake International Summer Screen Competition held in the UK recently. Her entry for the competition’s 3D Cupcake Category with the theme “Birchwood Floral Cupcakes” bagged the second place out of 17 competitors from different countries,
She said, “It was a challenging experience on my part because as an amateur in the competition I have to compete with professional decorators from around the world. Second, I have to come up with an entry that would stand out in the competition. And since I have a full-time job, I have to work on the project during my free time only. It took me one month to finish the project.”
Chris’ cake and cupcakes are gaining popularity among the residents. Instead of using fondant which is commonly used, Chris expresses her creativity through buttercream flowers enhanced through a technique she learned from a Korean instructor in 2016 and further developed when she took an Intensive Piping Flower Buttercream Course in Thailand in 2019.
She said she devotes at least six to eight hours per cake bouquet, from baking to decorating. Her clientele includes both Filipinos and non-Filipinos.
“I make use of buttercream flowers in which Koreans are mostly known for. I think what makes my creations unique and extra special is that each petals on my cakes and cupcakes are manually piped by a certain technique using specialised tools (piping tips) to create a realistic flower effect. These techniques are developed through the years by consistent practicing. For me, it took me four years to perfect the style,” she said.
From taking inspiration from a friend who served as her first mentor in baking and completing a six-month course on bread, pastry and cake decorating in 2015 through the POLO-OWWA Culinary Training Program (formerly WASAHQ), Chris has come a long way in the baking world.
She is also further enhancing her skills by serving as a volunteer instructor at the POLO-OWWA Culinary Training Program and through continues education by attending workshops and master classes.
What is her secret in juggling her time at work and her passion? Chris remarked, “I engage myself to the things I love the most. I am blessed to be surrounded by right people with the right mindset. People who will remind you that life is indeed beautiful. If you love the things you do, you will find a way to make it happen. I devote my off days from work in doing the things I am passionate about and involving in community works.”
As an advice to those who are keen on pursuing their passion while juggling their profession, Chris said she follows the 10 Rules for Success by Michal Jordan plus her own personal rule.
“Keep Working Hard.
Ignite the fire. Be different. Fail your way to success. Have high expectations. Be positive. Be who you were born to be. Have a vision. Stop making excuses. Practice. Those are the 10 Rules for Success by Michael Jordan. Personally, I follow an 11th rule which is staying humble. Humility is the most important of all,” said Chris.