Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Russian mining giant admits waste ‘violations’ at Arctic plant

A Russian mining giant behind an enormous Arctic fuel spill last month said on Sunday it had suspended workers at a metals plant who were responsible for pumping wastewater into nearby tundra.
Norilsk Nickel cited a “flagrant violation of operating rules” in a statement announcing it had suspended employees responsible for dumping wastewater from a dangerously full reservoir into wildlife.
The incident occurred at the Talnakh enrichment plant near the Arctic city of Norilsk, the company said, one month after the unprecedented fuel leak sparked a state of emergency declared by President Vladimir Putin.
More than 21,000 tonnes of diesel leaked from a fuel storage tank at one of the company’s subsidiary plants near Norilsk. The fuel seeped into the soil and dyed nearby waterways bright red.
A source told Interfax news agency Sunday that in the most recent case, around 6,000 cubic meters of liquid used to process minerals at the facility had been dumped and that the discharge had lasted “several hours”.
It was impossible to determine how far the wastewater had dispersed, the source said.