Sunday, January 17, 2021
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WTO gives Saudi 60 days to implement ruling

Maryam Maged Abouzaid
The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in favour of Qatar on Tuesday has proved that Saudi Arabia has breached its obligations and allowed piracy operations from its territories, according to a legal expert.
Commenting on the WTO decision, Dr Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Khelaifi, Head of the legal team and Qatar’s representative at the International Court of Justice, said: “WTO decision that Saudi Arabia has violated TRIPS Agreement by illegally pirating beIN Sports has proven the wrongdoings by Saudi Arabia.”
“The WTO decision has proven that Saudi Arabia has breached its obligations,” said Al Khelaifi.
He said the WTO has given Saudi Arabia 60 days to implement the decision.
“If the decision is not implemented by Saudi Arabia in 60 days or an appeal is requested, Qatar will take all the needed legal action to protect its rights,” Al Khelaifi added.
“The decision by WTO has shown the wrongdoings of Saudi Arabia, where they failed to take legal action against the piracy done by beoutQ and contributed to the spread of such illegal acts,” Al Khelaifi noted.