Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Qatar presents draft Arab food safety policy

Qatar on Sunday presented a draft Arab Food Safety Policy Project at a seminar held via video conference.
The Arab Food Safety Team of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States had earlier assigned Qatar to prepare the initial draft on bases of the latest references and international best practices.
The draft was presented by Head of Ports Health and Food Control section in the Ministry of Public Health Khalid Yousef Al Sulaiti.
The draft policy provides the technical basis for joint coordination and standardisation of procedures between the competent authorities in the Arab countries to advance food safety and related legislation with the aim of protecting human health, animals, plants, the environment and facilitating trade by applying principles based on scientific foundations such as risk analysis and procedures for the Elaboration of Codex standards, which are enabled in an integrated institutional framework.
The draft is in response to the aspirations of workers in food safety field as a scientific and technical basis for developing the food safety system in Qatar and the Arab countries.
The Arab team for food safety, which is affiliated with the Implementation and Follow-up Committee within the Economic Affairs Sector in the Department of Arab Economic Integration in the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, has assigned Qatar to head a technical team to prepare the Arab food safety policy.
The Arab team for food safety has been working since its establishment in 2016 to achieve its goals by providing technical advice to the League of Arab States, the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining, and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development, to coordinate and harmonise the systems and procedures for conformity and food safety assessment and approval and commit to their implementation by the oversight and inspection organizations in the Arab region.