Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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MADLSA launches digital authentication system for multilingual work contract

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has launched the digital authentication system for a multilingual employment contract, which aims to offer an integrated digital alternative for authenticating employment contracts in companies.
The digital authentication system for a multi-lingual employment contract enables companies to use the service electronically as an alternative to direct visits, which eases the process for companies to conclude contracts between the company and the workers subject to labour law to authenticate contracts via the website without the need for a direct visit to the ministry’s headquarters or the Government Services Complex that were providing this service.
Company owners can use the service through the national authentication system, conduct the application with a password and using the smart card, and then filling out the contract data, printing it, signing and downloading the contract and the additional documents required through the system, as well as payment of the certification fees after its approval by the competent authority in the ministry to extract a digitally authenticated copy of the contract.
The launch of this service is a continuation of the ministry’s efforts to update and offer various electronic services targeting the beneficiary groups, especially with the increased demand of users who seek to complete applications via the website and Amerni application. (TNN)