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Ehsan launches Ramadan campaign under the slogan ‘God cares for you’

Ehsan launches Ramadan campaign
under the slogan ‘God cares for you’

Tribune News Network
The Elderly Empowerment and Care Center Ehsan, one of the centre’s affiliated with the Qatar Social Work Foundation, launched a public awareness campaign during the blessed month of Ramadan titled “God cares for you” through the centre’s social media platforms.
The centre explained that the campaign aims to convey Ehsan’s message and values to the largest social group during the blessed month of Ramadan, explaining that the campaign includes videos presented by the elderly themselves on a variety of topics, in order to empower them and encourage them to practice their skills.
It also includes the preparation of a set of educational talk points, which will be presented by specialists covering social, religious, health and psychological aspects, with a view to educating the elderly and those who care for them in all these aspects.
The campaign also includes an interactive public education competition via social media, which includes questions and answers about the Ehsan Center and the ability to deal with the elderly.
The campaign continues throughout the Holy month of Ramadan to encourage the public to acquire skills in dealing with the elderly and to educate the elderly themselves in the various aspects of their lives.
The centre has also prepared a number of activities for its employees, including the “Good Gathering” activity, by urging employees and workers at the centre to prepare photos and video clips of their social and family activities and how they apply precautionary measures or provide general advice to the public, in particular that many of the staff at the centre are specialists in health, psychological, nutritional and therapeutic aspects.
They are also encouraged to take pictures of happy moments and their activities in Ramadan, such as reading the Quran or preparing Iftar banquets. The Center clarified that the contributions will be received by e-mail for daily activities and that the winners will be chosen on a daily basis. Ehsan centre has pointed out that it has launched all of these initiatives with the aim of educating its employees and the public about the need to remain active and to work even in the current circumstances.