Sunday, July 12, 2020
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US embassy denies ‘Wild West’ swoop on Berlin-bound masks

THE US embassy in Germany on Monday denied a claim that a Berlin-bound shipment of protective masks had been “confiscated” by the United States, calling it disinformation designed to stoke division.
“The United States Government did not take any action to divert any... supplies that were destined to Germany nor did we have any knowledge of such a shipment,” an embassy spokesman told AFP.
“We remain concerned about pervasive attempts to divide international efforts through unsourced, unattributed disinformation campaigns,” he added.
Berlin’s regional minister of the interior Andreas Geisel on Friday said 200,000 highly sought-after FFP2 masks, made by an American firm in China and destined for use by Berlin police, were “confiscated” in Bangkok.
He accused the US of using “methods from the Wild West” and of carrying out an “act of modern-day piracy”.