Monday, July 13, 2020
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COVID-19 survivor Qatari woman recounts her experience

Tribune News Network
A Qatari woman, who recovered from the coronavirus (COVID-19), has called on people to stay in their homes and not go out unless absolutely necessary to limit the spread of the virus.
Isra Youssef al Ahmad, who was among the infected people who returned from London, said some days after returning to Doha her mother became ill and was taken to the hospital where she tested positive for the virus. Isra had returned to Doha along with her mother and sister.
On the same day, she said, samples were taken from her family members because they were all in contact with her mother. Isra said she was taken aback when her tests showed positive although she didn’t show any symptoms.
Isra said she was admitted to the Communicable Disease Center where she spent four days.
Sharing her experience at the hospital, she said the services provided at the centre were excellent. “The hospital was characterised by efficiency and the highest degree of professionalism.”
She said during her stay at the centre two additional tests were conducted and the results showed negative. She was then discharged from the hospital. However, Isra said she didn’t suffer from any symptoms throughout the period of infection, according to Qatar TV.
She pointed out that the symptoms that appeared on her mother were severe such as body pain, high temperature, severe cough and shortness of breath. She said her entire family is still suffering due to health problems that afflicted her mother.
In addition to the physical pain, she said, her mother suffered psychologically trauma by virtue of the fact that she remained isolated for a week from all family members at the Communicable Disease Centre.
She advised the citizens and residents to abide by the instructions of the state and the Ministry of Public Health, noting that everyone should cooperate to limit its spread.
“The effect of the virus on a specific individual may be limited, but it may harm the closest people to your heart by virtue of age or health status,” she said.