Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Quarantine facilities offering best care: Officials

The quarantine facilities in Qatar are of world-class and the patients are being offered excellent services, according to health officials.
Sheikh Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Thani, Director of the Public Health Department, said all suspected cases being kept at the quarantine facilities enjoying excellent services.
“They have their phones, WiFi, and they can speak to their families. They are served well,” he said, adding that they can call if they need to be served any kind of food they want.
“Food or anything, they can order from outside.”
Several buildings across the country and a hotel have been turned into quarantine facilities, he said.
“We have big and small areas that can accommodate hundreds of people for quarantine,” he said.
He said all necessary measures have been put in place to prevent those offering services at the quarantine facilities getting infections. “Different swabs are taken from them before they leave that place. We also have people from different companies who serve these people and have to follow the protocol and ready to be tested if need be,” he said.