Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Amir to patronise Police College graduation today

Amir to patronise Police College 
graduation today

Meriam Jelliti
The Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani will patronise the graduation ceremony of the second batch of graduates of the Ministry of Interior’s Police College on Thursday.
Addressing a press conference, Director-General of the Police College Brigadier-General Mohamed Abdullah al Mahna al Marri said, “A total of 110 students will graduate from the Police College. The graduates have earned Bachelor of Art (BA) degree in Law and Police Science after completing four years of studies that included general academic programme, English courses at Manchester Metropolitan University, multiple-specialised training courses such as diving, paragliding and thunderbolt.”
He said a high committee led by Adviser to the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior and Vice-President of the Supreme Council of the Police College Major-General Abdullah Yousuf al Mal was formed to organise the ceremony.
“The graduates completed 130 credited hours of distinguished curricula, training and qualification programmes, in addition to technical and field work and a special programme related to qualifying security personnel for the 2022 World Cup,” he added.
The scientific and training curriculum pursued by the college aims to prepare a modern policeman who has the ability to meet all the challenges.
Brigadier-General Marri confirmed that the Police College is moving forward by developing its academic, training and research programmes to transform into a police academy by 2023.
“The college seeks to transform into a comprehensive academy, which includes a college for postgraduate studies, and institutes for training, education and scientific research,” he said.
Director of the Administrative and Economic Affairs Department Lieutenant-Colonel Jabar Hamoud al Noaimi said 89 out of 110 graduates are Qataris and the remaining 21 are from Jordan, Palestine and Yemen. He said all the graduates are ready to be allocated responsibilities among the Ministry of Interior’s various military and security administrative bodies in the country.
He pointed out that this year’s graduation ceremony will witness the presence of delegations from several countries under the cooperation that links the Police College with its counterparts from colleges and academies at the regional and global levels.
Director of the Training Department Major Fahd al Subaie said, in addition to the traditional parade, a new distinctive military parade that requires a high level of accuracy and proficiency will be performed by the second batch graduates at the ceremony.