Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Qatar to maintain stockpile of 22 essential items for six months

Satyendra Pathak
Qatar’s government is working in partnership with the country’s private sector to maintain a stockpile of 22 essential food and non-food items for 3 million people for six months, Qatar Chamber Board of Director and Head of Food Security and Environment Committee Mohamed bin Ahmed al Obaidli said on Tuesday.
Talking to Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of a seminar entitled ‘Role of Qatari Private Sector in strategic Storage’ at the headquarters of Qatar Chamber, Obaidli said, “These 22 items have been classified as essential items by the government especially after the blockade was imposed on the country two and a half years ago. The government wants to partner with all private players in the food sector to ensure that there is a stock of all these main items for six months on any given day.”
As the representative body of the private sector in Qatar, he said, Qatar Chamber is in the process of identifying main private firms in the food sector to meet this goal either from local production or by importing from other countries.
“Strategic stock of such items involves exporters, importers, retailers, and other players. We are in contact with all of them and trying to evolve a strategy where all of them make a profit while maintaining the stock. We are also in talks with the government to build public-private partnership to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic storage of foodstuffs and commodities which is one of the key pillars of the country’s national strategy for food security,” he said.
Obaidli said the government is also working in close cooperation with the private sector to diversify the sources of imports of food products.