Sunday, January 17, 2021
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10.9% rise in traffic cases in October

A total of 599 traffic cases were recorded during October 2019, showing a monthly increase of 10.9 percent, according to latest figures released by the Planning and Statistics Authority.
Light injuries accounted for the vast majority of traffic accidents during the same month, with 85 percent, followed by severe injuries by 12 percent. However, 16 deaths were recorded, equivalent to only 3 percent of total traffic accidents. The total number of registered new vehicles during October 2019 has reached 6,557, a monthly increase of 10.7 percent and an annual increase of 3.4 percent.
The total electricity consumption during October reached 4761.9 GWh, a monthly decrease of 5.8 percent and an annual rise of 35.6 percent. While the total water consumption has reached 40814.8 Thousand m3 during the same month, a monthly decrease of 29.7 percent and an annual rise of 9.1 percent. (TNN)